Fill Your Vase - Dani Velasco

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Size: 8" X 10"
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Frame: Unframed

Made in the UK

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Dani Velasco

Dani Velasco, a Houston-based Mexican-American artist, passionately aspires to bloom into a professional illustrator. Drawing heavily from Hyperpop, Indie music, graphic tees, and the psychedelic wave of the 60s and 70s, his art embodies a vibrant fusion of color, distorted stippling, and trippy concepts. Inspired by eminent artists like Lionel Kalish, Jake Foreman, John Alcorn, Nikolai Lutohin, and Milton Glaser, Velasco's creative goal is more than aesthetic; he seeks to stimulate personal growth and self-exploration in his audience and himself, striving to make a positive global impact through his work.


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