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Bebop (Kamiyama) is a Japanese graphic designer known for his work across Asia. His art cleverly applies Gestalt principles, creating designs that appear to move when viewed repeatedly. His work exemplifies this approach, using contrasting colours and patterns to create dynamic visual effects. Bebop's innovative style, balancing simplicity and complexity, is one to be admired.


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Gestalt Unit_GAME B - Bebop
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Gestalt Unit_HANA - Bebop
Gestalt Unit_HANA - Bebop Sale priceFrom £29.00
Gestalt Unit_Bebop - Bebop
Gestalt Unit_Bebop - Bebop Sale priceFrom £29.00
Gestalt Unit_USAGI - Bebop
Gestalt Unit_USAGI - Bebop Sale priceFrom £29.00
Gestalt Unit_KINOKO - Bebop
Gestalt Unit_KINOKO - Bebop Sale priceFrom £29.00