Matt Jennings

Matt Jennings is an illustrator and artist hailing from South Auckland, New Zealand. Matt embarked on his creative journey after earning a Bachelor of Design in Wellington, and he's been crafting his unique illustration style ever since. Along the way, he's taken his work to creative spaces all over the world, including a recent residency and exhibition in Fujiyoshida, Japan.

Matt's art is all about diving deep into the human psyche, exploring those elusive thoughts and feelings that often go unnoticed. His style is uniquely his own, and loves using it to shine a light on the everyday emotions and experiences that shape our lives. Drawing inspiration from his own adventures, the beauty of nature, and the ever-evolving world around us, Matt's got a knack for honing in on the details and telling captivating stories through his illustrations. His work makes you ponder and appreciate the small things, all while delighting your visual senses.


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