Matéo Mace

Matéo has been a passionate freelance graphic designer for over 4 years. His passion for graphic design has guided him towards the creation of unique and striking works, expressing his creativity with every project. Collaborating with different sectors, he brings an innovative touch to every creation, making graphic design not only a profession but also his greatest passion. His work is distinguished by clean lines, bold typography and white space, creating a modern, timeless aesthetic. Discover his talent for transporting you through the lightness and boldness of his creations, immersing you in absolute serenity.


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Dream - Matéo Mace
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Plant - Matéo Mace
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Serenity - Matéo Mace
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Despair - Matéo Mace
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Delicate - Matéo Mace
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Lost - Matéo Mace
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