Singapore-based designer Melina (Epi.to.me) takes inspiration from the aesthetic appeal of flora and fauna plus the use of complementary colours to create bold, vibrant and nostalgic artworks. Her personal work often explores the convergence of nature, music and self-discovery, while professionally she lends that distinctive style to select musicians and record labels. 


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Bird of Paradise - Epi.to.me
Bird of Paradise - Epi.to.me Sale priceFrom £29.00
New Energy - Epi.to.me
New Energy - Epi.to.me Sale priceFrom £29.00
Passion Flower - Epi.to.me
Passion Flower - Epi.to.me Sale priceFrom £29.00
New Energy - Black & White - Epi.to.me
Love Is - Epi.to.me
Love Is - Epi.to.me Sale priceFrom £39.00