Laurenleely is a London-based illustrator with a background in architecture. Drawing with references from historical architecture to define perspective and tectonic, she uses her background as a base to draw satire on modern consumerism and pervasive product branding. Disguised in vivid colours, solid linework and intricate details, many of her illustrations mimic the poppy aesthetic appeal of modern product marketing. Lauren’s illustrations share visual and compositional connections to Japanese ukiyo-e with tendencies towards depicting floating, nonsensical scenes, hinted at by disjointed and orthogonal perspectives.


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96mph - Laurenleely
96mph - Laurenleely Sale priceFrom $38.00
Toadette - Laurenleely
Toadette - Laurenleely Sale priceFrom $38.00
Forest Of Consumables II - Laurenleely
Forest Of Consumables I - Laurenleely