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Virtual Art Gallery: Preview Art in Your Home with AR

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Imagine being able to see how a stunning piece of modern art would look in your home before making a purchase. Thanks to East Side Studio London's new Augmented Reality (AR) viewer, this is now possible! Our innovative tool bridges the gap between your living space and our curated collection of art, allowing you to visualise and plan your home's transformation like never before.

Benefits of Our AR Art Viewer:

  • Visualise Art at Home: See exactly how art will look on your walls, ensuring you choose the perfect piece.

  • Experiment with Styles: Try various art pieces in different rooms, discovering unexpected combinations.

  • Accurate Sizing: Our AR tool provides true-to-scale art representation, ensuring perfect fit.

  • Save Time: No more returns due to size or style mismatches. Purchase with confidence that your new art piece is perfect for your home.

  • Spark Creativity: Seeing art in your own space can inspire fresh ideas and get those creative juices flowing.
Art visualiser tool on iphone

Using the AR Art Viewer:

1. Browse Our Collection: Find an artwork you like and select a size and frame.

2. Click "Imagine it with AR": This activates your device's camera.

3. Scan Your Room: Point your camera towards the wall on which you want to palce the artwork.

4. Place the Art: Tap and scroll the screen to position the virtual art on your wall.

5. Adjust and Explore: Artworks are imported at the exact size that you've chosen. However, you can move and resize the artwork to find the perfect fit.

6. Purchase Confidently: Add the art to your basket, knowing how it'll elevate your space.

Tips for the Best AR Art Experience:

  • Ensure good lighting to get the most realistic results.
  • Clear clutter where you want to place the virtual art.
  • Try the same art piece in different rooms to see how lighting and colour combinations affect your space.
  • Experiment with various sizes of the same art to find ideal proportions for your space.


At East Side Studio London, we're committed to helping you bring art home beautifully and personally. Our AR viewer makes the art-buying experience more accessible and tailored to your unique space.

Ready to see how our art can transform your home? Start exploring our collection with the AR viewer and watch your walls come alive with art!

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